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We believe that recreation is an integral part in the growth of our youth. These include activities like fishing, games, sports, etc, along with our hands-on approach. We introduce our youth to local businesses and create powerful relationships that help them learn physically, not just in a classroom.


ImPowered Minds is casting a wide net of opportunity for children through our unique fishing programs. We believe in fishing not just as sport, but a powerful tool for teaching life lessons. Our mission is to instill our youth with valuable skills and wisdom that extend far beyond the water’s edge. Through the art of fishing, we develop essential values such as patience, perseverance, teamwork, and respect. Our programs encourage children to connect with the outdoors, fostering an appreciation for the environment and its conservation. As they learn to bait a hook, cast a line, and reel in their catch, they’re also gaining confidence, problem-solving abilities, and a sense of responsibility. These experiences are not just about catching fish; they’re about catching life’s lessons that will stay with them for years to come, helping them navigate the waters of adulthood with resilience and integrity.

TD Photography

Teaching our youth the basic fundamentals of photography, such as framing, lighting, and aperture. Through this partnership, we aim to provide young minds with an unparalleled opportunity to explore the captivating world of photography. TD Photography’s expertise, coupled with our dedication to education, will enable us to offer innovative photography programs that will “ImPower” our youth with the skills and knowledge to express themselves through the art of capturing moments. Together, we look forward to igniting the imaginations of our young learners, nurturing their passion for photography, and helping them develop a lifelong appreciation for the art form while simultaneously enhancing their overall personal growth. This partnership is not just about pictures; it’s about inspiring the next generation of visual storytellers.


Our goal is to create a smarter youth. We believe education is key in spreading positivity in our communities and giving our children the best future possible. By offering classes like financial literacy and photography, we increase opportunity and help our kids learn life skills.

PATH Program: 4-Week Entrepreneurial Prep Program

We’ve partnered with the University of Florida’s New Worlds Reading initiative to provide free books to children in grades K-5. Aligning with our mission to promote education, the program provides essential elements to help fight illiteracy. Scan the QR code or click below to find out more.

In an innovative partnership with community leader Damon Thrash, the PATH program consists of four pillars: Purpose, Ambition, Talent, Honest Hustle. This partnership highlights the importance of entrepreneurship and prepare our youth to create and innovate for themselves and leave an impact on the world. 

Mental Health

Our philosophy is all about making sure kids are inspired to be themselves. We believe confidence is essential to healthy growth and our children becoming the best versions of themselves. Throughout our programs we stress the importance of social and emotional wellness by encouraging them to talk. We hold our arms open to any questions or any advice our kids need.

Our mental health partnership with First Choice Counseling & Wellness Center is designed for care of individuals aged 5 and above, providing support for a wide range of issues including trauma, grief, life changes, and career readiness. Including therapy specializing in working specifically with children, ensuring that even the youngest members of our community receive the tailored care they need. In addition to one-on-one therapy, the partnership offers valuable group sessions for children and teens. The Children’s Group, meeting monthly, focuses on teaching coping skills, emotional intelligence, social interactions, and building self-esteem in an engaging and fun way. For teen girls, group sessions emphasize problem-solving and communication skills. We are actively seeking more participants to create a supportive community. To ensure accessibility, we accept forms of Medicaid, and we are committed to working with individuals to figure out more ways to help the most people.

Connecting with Dr Sh’nai Simmons and Taiwan Simmons at the Collective Wellness Institute,  we will be offering an innovative workshop tailored specifically for boys, centered around the crucial concept of self-regulation. This interactive workshop aims to empower young minds with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their emotions effectively. By honing their emotional intelligence, boys can experience significant improvements in their social, emotional, and cognitive development. This invaluable program will not only enhance communication skills but also contribute to better mental health outcomes, increased empathy, and more effective conflict resolution. Together with the Collective Wellness Institute, we are committed to fostering healthier and more emotionally resilient individuals, setting the stage for a brighter and more harmonious future for these young participants.

Services & Support

Group Mentoring

Through recreational activities and fellowship, the time we spend with children is an opportunity for mentorship. Whether it be on the water during a fishing trip or just gathering together, we give young boys and girls a chance to engage, be listened to, and to be challenged and ask questions to someone who cares for them.

1-On-1 Mentoring

Some children just need someone to walk with them and invest in them with special care. ImPowered minds offers mentoring for young boys and girls who need a little extra direction and support.

Educational Advocacy

We encourage and foster active engagement with parents to help lay a solid foundation for their children and teach them the keys to success through tutoring, fellowship within the community educators & leadership development. 

Professional Counseling

While mentors provide children extra support, direction, and someone to walk alongside them, we also offer professional counseling for children who are looking to nourish their mental health and arrive at a sense of self that they feel confident in.

Life Skills Training

We provide life skills training to children in need through our program, “My Impowered Mind.” Our goal is to empower children with the necessary tools for success and prepare them for their future careers. By teaching self-confidence, academic excellence, social responsibility, and leadership skills; we hope that each child will be able to become productive members of society when they grow up.

Peer Counseling & Mentoring

Impowered Minds is the premier provider of peer counseling and mentoring services to at risk youth. We empower parents, schools, and communities by providing a wide range of interventions that help keep children on the right path. Our life-changing programs are delivered in an innovative manner with highly trained mentors who have been there themselves. Impowered Minds has helped over 100’s students make positive changes in their lives.

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