Building a New a Restored a Healthy a United an "ImPowered" Tampa

We Want To See More Children And Young People Truly Living By Embracing Their Potential And Learning Valuable Life Skills Along The Way.

Welcome to Impowered Minds—an exhilarating youth movement at the intersection of education, recreation, and mental well-being! Dive into a world where fishing is not just a sport but a platform for growth. We’re not just mentors; we’re navigators, guiding youth both on and off the water. Join us as we cast a ripple of positive change and empowermente youth on and off the water.

Our Mission

Empowering Futures: Fostering Self-Discovery, Integrity, and Entrepreneurial Excellence in Every Child

To establish a better comprehension of self for each child. Self-integrity, self-respect, self-confidence, and ultimately lead to being a positive influence in life. We also teach and promote entrepreneurship, financial literacy and focus on each child learning a trade.

Our Initiatives

We want to walk alongside children and families to not only inspire and encourage but to provide a support system and tools for them to thrive. Our fishing trips allow space to laugh together, bond, and build trust. In those relationships, we offer whatever services we can to help young people succeed.

Financial Literacy

Empower youth with fiscal knowledge, paving the way for financial independence and informed decision-making.

Group Mentoring

Forge lasting connections as young minds come together, fostering mutual growth and support in our mentoring circle


Offering a safe space for emotional well-being, our counseling services guide youth towards resilience and personal empowerment.

1-ON-1 Mentoring

Tailored guidance for individual journeys—our mentors dedicate time to shape futures and ignite personal potentials.

Life Skills Training

Equipping youth with essential life skills—nurturing abilities that extend beyond academics for a well-rounded future.

Upcoming Events

Exciting Ventures Await! Join us for upcoming events where self-discovery meets fun. From workshops that ignite curiosity to activities fostering self-confidence and entrepreneurial spirit, our events are designed to shape bright futures. Stay tuned for a journey of growth and empowerment.

Empower Change: Become a Volunteer with Impowered Minds

Embark on a transformative journey with Impowered Minds. As a volunteer, you’ll contribute to youth empowerment through education, recreation, and mental health initiatives. Join us in creating lasting impact—be a guiding force in shaping brighter futures. Your passion, our mission, a powerful partnership.