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ImPowered Minds of Florida Inc, a youth organization that focuses on recreation, education, and mental health. Our primary platform is fishing. We educate our youth by providing creative workshops for students to learn entrepreneurial skills and new trades. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and our major areas of focus are: Literacy, Financial Education, Recreation, Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, and Community Building. We want to see more children and young people truly living, by embracing their potential and learning valuable life skills along the way.​


I was born in Bartow Hospital in Polk County, Florida. I lived in a small city named Waverly, but at six years old my life changed forever. My parents moved us to Tampa. My father, Orlester Glanton, and his siblings grew up fishing local freshwater lakes and ponds. They caught everything from bream and bass to catfish and specks.
Dad loved fishing and committed to taking me, my brother, and my sister on Thursdays after work. I looked forward to it because Tampa was a big city surrounded by big water. Fishing the Gulf of Mexico was much different than the lakes and ponds I knew. The taste of beach water was an adjustment too, but by the age of ten, I was slowly transforming into what’s known as “Salt Life.” By this time Saturdays were also fishing days, and waking up at 5 am was the requirement. I didn’t miss many mornings because he had the best fishing spots, but this is also where the best mentoring happened.

My dad worked harder than any man I know, but he always seemed to enjoy the real work, making time for his children. I learned a lot about life right there on the water. Fishing kept me out of trouble. I had found something I loved that kept me busy while learning new skills. My mom, Marlena Glanton was a devout Christian and simply loved people. She taught me the importance of serving the community I live in. She led a ministry that fed the homeless. I watched her prepare food, cook, and feed the hungry almost every Saturday. Life was good, and then reality happened.

After my parents passed away, I felt there had to be more I could do to keep both their legacies alive. I took my profession of training to the next level. I figured since I created programs for Verizon Wireless that were successful why not duplicate what I did for Verizon, but do it to help the community? After years of teaching kids to fish and fishing with my own it hit me!
In 2020, the vision came to me clearly: I am here to mentor the youth for the rest of my life!!

Impowered Minds is a youth organization that focuses on education, recreation, and mental health. Our primary platform is fishing. We mentor, coach, and help direct the youth on and off the water.

Our mission is to establish a better comprehension of self for each child. Self-integrity, self-respect, self-confidence, and ultimately lead to being a positive influence in life. We also teach and promote entrepreneurship, financial literacy and focus on each child learning a trade.

We are dedicated to developing pathways for success for our youth by providing them with the skills necessary to achieve personal goals and realize their full potential as individuals.

Achieving this goal will not only benefit the lives of our students, but also create an environment where they can give back to their communities in tangible ways such as being active mentors or volunteers within organizations like Boys & Girls Club or Girl Scouts USA

Our Strategic Plan offers a structure to unite in partnership the efforts of those involved in economic development, education, community building and health. It was created with the understanding that success is derived from the collective action and alignment of all the sectors. 

With this commitment to accountability, representatives from multiple organizations and committees whom acknowledged that while their roles might be different, all of the work is complementary and essential for maximum impact towards achieving the goal of a more positive and sustainable environmental community. Incorporating this plan will help Impowered Minds to grow our foundation and the facilitation of our programs by learning from the more established partners serving as mentors for the development of our program.




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