Services & Support

Group Mentoring

Through recreational activities and fellowship, the time we spend with children is an opportunity for mentorship. Whether it be on the water during a fishing trip or just gathering together, we give young boys and girls a chance to engage, be listened to, and to be challenged and ask questions to someone who cares for them.

1-On-1 Mentoring

Some children just need someone to walk with them and invest in them with special care. ImPowered minds offers mentoring for young boys and girls who need a little extra direction and support.

Educational Advocacy

We encourage and foster active engagement with parents to help lay a solid foundation for their children and teach them the keys to success through tutoring, fellowship within the community educators & leadership development. 

Professional Counseling

While mentors provide children extra support, direction, and someone to walk alongside them, we also offer professional counseling for children who are looking to nourish their mental health and arrive at a sense of self that they feel confident in.

Life Skills Training

We provide life skills training to children in need through our program, “My Impowered Mind.” Our goal is to empower children with the necessary tools for success and prepare them for their future careers. By teaching self-confidence, academic excellence, social responsibility, and leadership skills; we hope that each child will be able to become productive members of society when they grow up.

Peer Counseling & Mentoring

Impowered Minds is the premier provider of peer counseling and mentoring services to at risk youth. We empower parents, schools, and communities by providing a wide range of interventions that help keep children on the right path. Our life-changing programs are delivered in an innovative manner with highly trained mentors who have been there themselves. Impowered Minds has helped over 100’s students make positive changes in their lives.

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